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Vervo provides a wide array of dynamic and effective solutions ranging from creating compelling graphic designs to developing custom enterprise software applications.

Vervo started business in 1996, backed by more than 15 solid years of extensive experience in the fields of information technology and graphic design. In 1997, a blissful partnership was conceived with Nepato, a well-respected Swedish IT solutions provider. Vervo has since been working with companies in various industries all around the world.

Vervo is based in Quezon City, Philippines.

Inspired by the Chinese "Yin-Yang" symbol of harmony and balance, the logo of Vervo symbolizes the philosophy behind fusing artistry and high technology in every work engaged in.

The name "Vervo" was derived from the word "Verve" - a word that perfectly defines the state and character of Vervo.

verve \'vərv\ noun 1 a : the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance : VIVACITY b : ENERGY, VITALITY, DYNAMISM, VIGOR [Etymology: French, fantasy, caprice, animation, from Latin verba, plural of verbum word] (Date: 1697)

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